Thursday, June 10, 2010

He-art Therapy

Yeah, it's a cheesy title, I know.  But I had a real need to draw today and Jake happily obliged by falling asleep in his buggy on the way home from our outing and has so far given me over two hours to myself. 

It's the first time I've turned to drawing when I'm feeling chaotic.  My instinct is usually to write it out, but following shape, line, colour - wordlessly, it's been meditative, calming.  There was a small voice whispering lotus to me so I looked it up and was inspired.  Lotus flowers grow out of the muckiest conditions, mud and marshland.  They grow towards the light and not only provide beautiful blossoms but seeds that can remain "alive" for many many years.  And the tuber is edible and supposedly delicious.  I'm going to take that as my gift, a reminder that good things can come out of the worst kinds of shit.

This is a work in progress...

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Life through the Slim Lens said...

This is beautiful!