Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22.6.10 ~ 100 word diary

Had a lovely afternoon at Coram’s Fields. Jake didn’t fall asleep on the way home though and didn’t have his nap till after 5pm! He wouldn’t go upstairs so I persuaded him to lie down on the sofa with me. He fell asleep within minutes, hugging his water cup.

Getting him ready for bed:

Paul: It’s hot, shall we put him in a short one-sleeved onesie?

Me: Are there one-sleeved onesies?!

Paul: Yeah, you know, for children of one-armed people.

With the kind of madness I have to deal with, is it any wonder I’ve lost my grip on normality?


Anonymous said...

It must be the day for delayed sleep - Snow White resisted for over two hours at bedtime - grrr! Hope you had a lovely day and you're slowly getting your head to a better place. xx

Anonymous said...

What does normality feel like anyway? How do you hold onto it. Or more inportantly why would you want to hold onto it?