Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23.6.10 ~ 200 word diary

Jake is 23 months old today. Earlier this week he let me read him an entire book from beginning to end. Usually he flips the pages when I’m mid-sentence then he wanders off. The book was “Go to sleep you crazy sheep” (rather appropriate too) and it was read before bedtime on Monday. Maybe it was a delaying tactic, but he seemed to enjoy it and keeps asking for it.

I started counselling today. I’ve been meaning to go for about a year. My weekend gave me the push I needed. It was like opening the floodgates. I joked during the session that I could be in therapy for years. It felt great.

When I went to pick Jake up from nursery, he was in the middle of drawing this. His drawing is really developing, he’s holding pens differently and he’s more deliberate with his lines now. I love it.

It was too hot to stay out too long after nursery so I got him a strawberry Cornetto and we came home. I didn’t watch the England game. Jake and I had a nap instead. Well, the first hour was spent persuading Jake to lie down. Then we fell asleep. He’s still napping.

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